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Top 100 Times in 2009 – Melanie Fryar at Rocky Raccoon 100

The final installment highlighting the TALON athletes that made the fastest 100 mile times in 2009 has arrived. Melanie Fryar clocked the 22nd fastest female time at the Rocky Raccoon 100 with a 20:07:27!

Melanie’s primary goals for the event were to finish and have fun as she had been recovering from pesky injuries throughout the fall. This was also her first 100 mile run, so she wanted to use it as a great day to learn about the distance.


Her 100 mile adventure included managing crazy leg cramps for much of the run, enjoying the final 25 miles with her husband (pacer), and a somersault.

The biggest standout for me from her report is how unique nutrition is for everyone. Melanie recalled her fuel for the day:

I ate at least 5 whole PB and J’s over the course of this run. Along with 2 cartons of chocolate milk, 3 Twinkies, a couple hands full of Gummie Bears, maybe 8 Oreos, a Chex bar, some potatoes (Very good), a few slices of quesadilla, a few veggie meat balls, 4 Red Bull’s, ????water????, ?????heed????, some Jellie Bellies, a little Coke, and 1 hard candy. I think that’s it. But I might have missed stuff.

Some people can eat almost anything while others have a limited list of items that keep the stomach happy. Melanie obviously can eat a wide variety of items. Unfortunately, I have a more limited palate.

You can check out her full race report here – My first 100 mile run.

Melanie is also a team member of Team Traverse.

A special thanks to Melanie for sharing the photo and race report with us.

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