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Running Hope Through America – OK, TX, LA Updates

Lisa Smith-Batchen will have completed 750 miles of the Running Hope Through America fundraising project at the end of today. Her visit to our region is fast approaching!

The RHTA newsletter highlights just a few of the experiences over the last 14 states:

  • 13 Ice Baths
  • 2 Public Ice Baths
  • 156 Salt Sticks
  • 3 massages
  • 4 donated hotel rooms
  • 1 snowstorm
  • 1 90+ degree day
  • 4,719 miles driven
  • 1 bout of sleep-deprivation induced laughing fit
  • 9 television appearances
  • 1 rainbow
  • 6 “Waffle House” sightings
  • 14 AMAZING STATE CAPTAINS and countless wonderful volunteers.

RHTA TALON Region Location/Route Defined

Here are more specifics for Lisa’s upcoming visit.

  • Louisiana (Wed, May 12) – Location: Lincoln Parish Park in Ruston
  • Arkansas (Fri, May 14) – Location: Little Rock, but not sure where. Anyone?
  • Oklahoma (Sat, May 15) – Location: 41st & Riverside in Tulsa. Out-and-back route (5 miles total). Check out site for course map and additional information.
  • Texas (Sun, May 16) – Location: Luke’s Locker in Plano. The course is a 5.6 mile loop starting from Luke’s Locker.

This is sure to be a unique experience for anyone willing to come out and show support for Lisa’s project to raise $1,000,000 for orphaned children in the U.S. and around the world. You can come out for the send off (5:30 am), walk/run a loop, walk/run all 50 miles, or come back for the finish. There are no rules.

It sounds like Lisa is doing more walking through the first 40 miles and then more running during the last 10 miles. The reality is, this is one heck of a challenge and may test Lisa more than she has ever been tested before.


Photos from the road – A collection of photos from many of the locations so far.

National TV coverage – The CNN video (4/23) is a good one.

Coming Soon

We wish Lisa and her team a healthy and safe journey and look forward to their visit to the south midwest United States!

Be active – Feel the buzz!

David –

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