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Miwok 100 km – CPTR – Cornbelt 24 Hour 2010 Results: TALON Athletes

As the ultra scene slows down in the region, I will try and extend my reach to provide some coverage of local athletes getting it done on the dirt and road outside of the TALON region.

To kick this concept off, last weekend TALON athletes were at Miwok 100 km, Collegiate Peaks Trail Run, and Cornbelt 24 Hour Run.

Miwok 100 km

The Miwok 100 km which takes place in the beautiful Marin Headlands in California.


Course description

Very hilly (approximately 10,000 feet of cumulative elevation gain) with spectacular views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, Mt. Tamalpais, Tomales Bay and the Point Reyes National Seashore. Modified out and back. Mostly fire roads and single track trails with approximately three miles on roads.

The course profile shows four 600-1000 foot climbs/descents and two 1200-1600 climbs/descents.


269/339 athletes finished the challenging and scenic course.

Top male and female:

  • Anton Krupicka – 8:02:51 (race report)
  • Kami Semick – 9:10:29

TALON athletes:

  • Lyle Parker (TX) – 12:18:54
  • Allison Workman (TX) – 14:33:34

Complete Results – Click on results link on left sidebar.

Make sure to read the good race summary from Tia (RD) on the main page.

Race Reports and videos

  • 9:36 – “You pass that chalk line in the parking line and the whole experience simultaneously sinks in and is forgotten. I can’t believe I just ran 62 miles.” by Devon Crosby-Helms @ The (Ultra) Marathon Life
  • Video: Music and L.S.D Episode 9 – Miwok 100k – Fun video that captures some cool scenes from the course. It will begin after the initial stylin’ hair scenes.


Collegiate Peaks Trail Run

Sitting at 8,000 feet, the cozy little community of Buena Vista, Colorado hosted the Collegiate Peaks 50/25 Mile Trail Run.


Course description

Beginning and ending near the Arkansas River in Buena Vista, the course primarily follows single-track and Jeep trails along part of the old, historic Midland Railroad as well as through other scenic areas north and east of town. Encompassing great scenery and spectacular views, much of the course runs through lands managed by the National Forest Service and/or Bureau of Land Management…25-miler’s do the loop once (clockwise) and the 50-miler’s do it twice (the second time around, counterclockwise). Very much an up-and-down course, over 4,700 feet in elevation gain / drop is delivered in each loop!

The course profile looks similar to camel humps with a couple 800-1000 foot climbs.

Course map.


50 mile – Top male and female:

  • Andrew Henshaw (CO) – 6:52:05
  • Ashley Arnold (CO) – 8:08:44

50 mile – TALON athletes:

  • James Breyfogle (NM) – 8:40:56
  • Keith Crawley (TX) – 9:20:31
  • David Reifenberg (TX) – 11:45:33

25 mile – Top male and female:

  • Ryan Burch (CO) – 3:05:13
  • Melody Fairchild (CO) – 3:24:32

25 mile – TALON athletes:

  • Jon Bitler (AR) – 3:47:19
  • Steve McBee (AR) – 3:55:37
  • Dean Buzbee (NM) – 4:21:41
  • Roger Squires (NM) – 4:49:00
  • Natalie McBee (AR) – 4:49:47
  • Margie Stockton (NM) – 5:23:26
  • Emiliano Zapata (NM) – 5:24:18
  • John Harrington (NM) – 5:25:48
  • Kathryn Aguilar (NM) – 5:27:28
  • Mercedes Frost (TX) – 5:28:54
  • Elizabeth Byrd (NM) – 5:32:34
  • Tammy Parsons (NM) – 5:33:48
  • Suzette Wingo (NM) – 5:57:17
  • Ivanna Austell (NM) – 6:17:21
  • Rick Autrey (TX) – 6:21:26
  • Angela Autrey (TX) – 6:21:27
  • Rick Tidwell (TX) – 6:57:50

Complete 50 mile results.

Complete 25 mile results.


Cornbelt 24 Hour Run

The 29th annual Cornbelt Running Club 24 Hour Run took place over the weekend in Eldridge, Iowa. The temps appeared to be fairly mild as they hovered between 55-60F throughout the day/night but there were winds in the 6-22 mph range along with periodic rain after midnight.

Course description

It appears (from past photos) that this event is ran on a track.


Top male and female:

  • Jennifer Aradi – 123.61 miles (Less than one mile shy of course record (1984)).
  • Patrick McCartney – 111.38 miles

TALON athletes:

  • Michael Potter (TX) – 91.98 miles
  • Frank Ingalls (TX) – 68.45 miles

Inspirational stories of the young at heart (Courtesy of the RD):

In addition to the main race, there were multiple events occurring within the race. Seventy year old Minnesotan, Ed Rousseau delivered just over 53 miles in 12 hours for a potential US record. … After several breaks, Ed continued to add mileage at a slower pace and ended the 24 hour period with 73.5 miles. Seventy-nine year old Iowa native Glen Zirbel captured attention as he laid down consistent miles to complete a total of 62.38 total miles for the event.


Complete Results.


For anyone that participated in any of these events, feel free to share your experience in the comments link.

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David –

(Marin Headlands Photo: Courtesy of / CC BY-SA 2.0)

(Collegiate Peaks / Buena Vista Photo: Courtesy of / CC BY 2.0)

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