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Destination Ultramarathon: Jungle Marathon 2009 Stage 6

Another weekend is here, which means time for another stage of the Brazilian stage run called the Jungle Marathon. We have finally arrived to stage 6 (Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4, Stage 5), the final leg of this challenging race.

Stage 6

This final stage takes athletes 32.77 km from Aramanai to Alter do Chao. It appears the stage is relatively easy (if anything can be easy after 5 days of running), as athletes work there way along the shoreline to the finish.

“I will be glad when it’s over, so I can have my first beer.”

Check out as athletes celebrate with smiles, tears, and expressions of relief, in Adam Brown’s ( final video of this serious endurance challenge.

Jungle Marathon 2009 Day 9: Stage 6 from Adam Brown on Vimeo.

Huge thanks to Adam Brown (and team) for putting this video serious together for us all to enjoy. Great work!

The human body, mind, and spirit – Amazing!


For any extreme ultra endurance event in remote, foreign locations, it is extremely wise to do extra homework in preparation. The world doesn’t always operate in a similar manner as many western countries. It also would seem beneficial to talk to as many people as you can who have done the event before. This potential insight could not only make your experience more enjoyable, it could just save your life.

Have a great weekend in exploring our wonderful world!

Be active – Feel the buzz!

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