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Hobbs Trail Run 2010 Results


Over the weekend, 65 athletes enjoyed the sport of trail running at the Hobbs trail run, located up in the Northwest corner of Arkansas. The event provided athletes with a 8.7 and 3.9 mile dirt adventure.


The trail run took place at Hobbs State park and appeared to be a loop.

The park site describes the trail as follows:

The theme for this park is not one large mountain, lake, river, forest, historical event or the myriad of plants and animals above and below the ground. It is the sum of all of these. It is diversity. “Hobbs….The Hidden Diversity.”

Course map



39 trail runners enjoyed the 8.7 mile trail run while 26 went short course.

8.7 mile

White the event may be small in numbers, it wasn’t short on speed.

After, 8.7 miles, the top three male runners were separated by less than 90 seconds. Youthful Jeremy Provence (19) challenged the more experienced Bryan Koon (38) for the win. Koon was able to average 6:40 min/mile and win by 40 seconds over the chasing Provence.

Top 3 male:

  1. Bryan Koon – 57:59
  2. Jeremy Provence – 58:39
  3. J.D. Wells – 59:26

While the male race was tight, the female race saw Siobhan Cooper alone in front. She finished over eight minutes in front of second, and won in 1:18:54.

Top 3 female:

  1. Siobhan Cooper – 1:18:54
  2. Deborah Lashley – 1:27:40
  3. Abby Darrah – 1:31:31


(Random photos)

3.9 mile

Jessica Guillory cruised at the front of the female race to win in 36:58. Second and third place saw Indigo Fischer (12) and Ariadne Mulkey (10) celebrating the run and finishing in 42:40 and 42:59 respectively. How cool is that!

Top 3 female:

  1. Jessica Guillory – 36:58
  2. Indigo Fischer – 39:37
  3. Ariadne Mulkey – 40:44

The male race was controlled with a 6:38 min/mile pace by Mike Herbert who went on to win in 25:53.

Top 3 male:

  1. Mike Herbert – 25:53
  2. Dax Wood – 28:52
  3. Wilson Guillory – 30:58


(Random photos)

Complete Results – 8.7 mile

Complete Results – 3.9 mile

Race Report and Photos

If you participated in the event, feel free to share your adventure in the comments section.

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(Photos – Courtesy of LIART Sports)

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