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Jemez 50 km Trail Run: Flatlander Training Codes

[ 4/10/2010 Note: The chart has been updated since the original posting to correctly use grade percentage values instead of angle of inclination. Sorry about that!]

To help flatlanders in their specificity training for the more hilly/mountainous events in the TALON region, I have begun creating some Flatlander Training Codes. This data will try and give you some idea of what you are up against and hopefully help you with treadmill work or the search for remotely similar local terrain.

As most have probably experienced, profiles don’t come close to telling the whole story, but it does provide useful information that I have found to be beneficial in race preparation.

Course: Jemez Mountain 50 km Trail Run

Other Jemez Mountain Flatlander Training Codes: Jemez 50 mile



The Jemez 50 km trail run profile.


(Click on image to enlarge)

I have identified the major climbs and descents throughout the course using a letter naming convention. Each letter represents a specific section on the course that is further defined below.

Flatlander Training Codes

The below chart tries to create some kind of picture of each significant uphill/downhill section as designated in the profile image above. The Continuous Sections portion hopefully provide additional clarity on the amount of get-serious climbing or enjoy-the-ride downhills that will be strung together.

Using the course profile, I have broken down the significant climbs and descents to include the following:

  • Percent grade (100*(rise/run))
  • feet of ascend/descent
  • On-your-feet miles of ascend/descent (may be use for a treadmill or Garmin)

The grayed sections highlight the descents.

note: miles of ascent/descent refers to actual on-your-feet miles.


The Flatlander Insight:  Be comfortable (by race day) with 6 – 17 % grade running and/or hiking.

Hopefully this can help you as you prepare for this New Mexico adventure!

Be active – Feel the buzz!

David –

(Photo: Courtesy of rt41959 (Randy))

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