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Grasslands Trail Run 2010 Results

  • 7 out of 70 athletes finished the 50 mile adventure
  • Average 60 % finish rate spread across the three distances.

What kind of extreme event creates this kind of carnage? Welcome to Texas in March! Anything is possible.


The TATURs 6 Hour run wasn’t the only trail run enjoying the interesting weather conditions on March 20. The Grasslands Trail Run would not be left out of this party. 50 miles, marathon, and half marathon trail runs were the challenge options for the day.

This annual NTTR club sponsored event, took place in the rolling, solid footing, country side of the LBJ National Grasslands, northwest of Denton,Texas. Add freezing rain, sleet, and over-refreshing temps, you have now created a seemingly mountainous, clay-sucking, humbling environment. 303 athletes had the courage to say, “I’m in!”

For those that braved the conditions and ran/started their first trail run – Welcome to to the sport! 🙂

(Note:Throughout you will observe random photos from the day, courtesy of Paul Tidmore.)



Each event had runners traverse through various interconnected loops within the National Grasslands area.  No big, or even moderate climbs, although the day’s conditions changed all that. Sandy sections aren’t so bad when wet, clay…well…a bit of a bonus workout. This event had both!

50 mile map

marathon map

half marathon map



This unique day brought more DNFs and DNSs, than finishes.

As a good friend of mine mentioned, “It felt like I was running through brownie mix the entire day.”


50 mile

What kind of day? I was helping at the Red Ant aid-station and the first, repeat – first, 50 mile athlete hit our aid-station (10 mile mark) at 2:45 race time.

As crazy as it sounds, the front three in the mens race were separated by less than one minute after 50 miles. Seth Harney won by a slip-in-the-clay 10 seconds over Neil Smith at 10:49:10.

This was most likely a day where the amount of muscle mass actually paid off because no female was able to make the cut-off.

A grand total of seven trail runners were able to finish the event and all seven will be recognized.

All seven finishers:

  1. Seth Harney – 10:49:10
  2. Neil Smith – 10:49:20
  3. Lee Irons – 10:50:00
  4. Kit Allowitz – 11:08:00
  5. Ted Ricci – 11:49:00
  6. Michael Terrell – 11:49:10
  7. Gerardo Ramirez – 12:10:00



36 out of the 56 runners that started the day were able to complete the 26+ miles.

The female race was separated by one minute between the top three. All three kept the wheels spinnin’ with Julie Grant able to grab that bit of additional traction to win by 10 seconds over Tammi Starnes with a time of 6:19:00.

Top 3 female:

  1. Julie Grant – 6:19:00
  2. Tammi Starnes – 6:19:10
  3. Angela Harney – 6:20:00

While the female race was tight at the front, the male race was dominated by Patton Gleason. His solid 4:31:00 finish time was nearly an hour in front of second place.

Top 3 male:

  1. Patton Gleason – 4:31:00
  2. Kameron Shahid – 5:27:00
  3. Alexander Weibust – 5:37:00


Half Marathon

The half marathon had the largest number of starters with 177 and 139 finished the trek.

Thomas Carr ran nearly 1 min/mile faster than his nearest challenger in the male race to win in 1:58:00.

Top 3 male:

  1. Thomas Carr – 1:58:00
  2. Jhovany Bonilla – 2:10:00
  3. Victor Torres- – 2:17:00

The female race came down to Tricia Gill and Merry Wolf, with a bit over three minutes separated the two after 13+ miles. Gill had enough in the tank to finish first in 2:17:00 and finish tied for third overall.

Top 3 female:

  1. Tricia Gill – 2:17:00 (*tied for 3rd overall*)
  2. Merry Wolf – 2:20:20
  3. Shelley Egli – 2:33:00

Complete Results for all Distances.


Still Smilin’ – Who Says This Isn’t Fun?



Race Reports and Photos

  • 50 attempt – “Within .25 miles my shoes had again filled with mud AGAIN, and after trying to navigate around the standing pools of water, I finally just said “Forget It” and started running right through the middle of them.” by Dan @ Tri My Will
  • Half Marathon – “Royal Gorge was a particular landmark that comes to mind, when approaching Royal Gorge I almost had to laugh to myself as I saw grown adults unwittingly taking an almost slip and slide approach to the creek bed below.” by Loop @ Where’d I put my Keys?
  • Collection of photos by Paul Tidmore.

I couldn’t find too many reports on this interesting day so if you have one and would like it included, please let me know in the comments or my Contact page.

If you were out enjoying the day, feel free to share some of your experience in the comments section.

Be active – Feel the buzz!

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