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TATURS The Six Hour Snake Run 2010 Results


March 19th was a bit of an experience weather wise down in this region of the country as snow, cold temps, and gusty wind knocked down doors and said, “I am coming in!” The TATURs Six Hour Snake Run was one event that played in what mother nature had dished up for the day.

The Six Hour Snake Run took place on Turkey Mountain up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is one of the few or only trail timed events in our region. Trail runners could participate in the 3 or 6 hour event. How many miles/loops can you run in the allotted time…that is the name of the game for this fun format.

The event also has a pretty unique award for the top finishers – a 7 inch tall coiled up snake. Yeah! Check out the race site, for a pic.


Trail runners enjoy mostly flat, rock, and root-free single track trail on the west side of Turkey Mountain. As with most timed-events the loop is fairly short, so runners run two miles out before reaching the turnaround. You do this again and again and again, until your 3/6 hours had expired…or you had enough. No DNFs in this event, baby!

Old-school course map.


130 out of the 190 registered started this most memorable day on the trails.

6 hour

Drew Connor was the highest mileage-getter for the day with Garrett Blattner and Stormy Phillips only 1/2 loop behind after six hours of snow, mud, water, and wind.

Top 3 male:

  1. Drew Connor – 36.5 miles
  2. Garrett Blattner – 34.5 miles
  3. Stormy Phillips – 34.0 miles

The female high-mileage winner was determined by who was willing to keep going through the entire six hours. Caroline Glenn ended up slugging through 21.5 miles which was 1.5 miles in front of second place, Vicky Arterburn, who decided to call it a day after 4:14:30.

Top 3 female:

  1. Caroline Glenn – 21.5 miles
  2. Vicky Arterburn – 20.0 miles
  3. DeDe Sageser – 17.5 miles


(Female Overall/Masters winner Caroline Glenn)

Top Masters (50+)

Laurence Macon and Caroline Glenn (open female and master winner) were the top sages with 26.5 and 21.5 miles respectively.

Complete 6 hr Race Results.

3 hour

The top three female racers were separated by one mile after three hours of muddin’. Elaine Palmquist was able to out-mud Sarah James and Jody Lingbeck by a half a mile and finish with 16 total miles.

Top 3 female:

  1. Elaine Palmquist – 16 miles
  2. Sarah James – 15.5 miles
  3. Jody Lingbeck – 15.0 miles


(Female winner Elaine Palmquist)

The top three males, all from Bentonville, Arkansas, were separated by 1.5 miles by the end of the day. Mike Rush also won by a mere half mile over Dave Wilgus with 21.5 total miles accumulated.

Top 3 male:

  1. Mike Rush – 21.5 miles
  2. Dave Wilgus – 21.0 miles
  3. Ryan Holler – 20.0 miles


(Male winner Mike Rush)

Top Masters (50+)

Randy Ellis and Julienne Lovelace were the top masters finisher with 19.0 and 8.5 miles respectively. Ellis was also fourth overall!


(Masters winners Randy Ellis and Julienne Lovelace)

Complete 3 hr Race Results

Race Reports and Photos

  • “And despite 32 degrees (fully 40 degrees colder that the day before) and stinging sleet and near frozen mud, most of the 130 runners who braved the morning were in a festive mode.” – TZ @ …miles to go before I sleep…
  • “So, I went out again. Conditions were still miserable… but that didn’t matter, as I was all soaked, toes freezing, face and fingers were pretty much all numb.” – AB @ Keep Moving Forward
  • Collection of Photos by Lyndsi Dooley Photography
  • Slideshow on main race site is also worth a look.

All photos courtesy of Lyndsi Dooley Photography.

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