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Prickly Pear Trail Run 2010 Results


(San Antonio River Walk)

Over the weekend the Prickly Pear trail run took place at McAllister Park in San Antonio, Texas. The trail event, whose proceeds benefit the San Antonio Road Runners Scholarship Fund, provided a 50 km and 10 mile adventure.

Unique features:

  • Post race party of fajitas, rice, beans, and Alamo Golden Ale.
  • Overall male/female winners receive artistic prints by a local artist.
  • Age group awards consist of etched beer mugs.


The 50 km rocky course (7:00 am start) consisted of three 10 mile loops and an additional short jaunt to an aid-station / drop bag location.

50 km course map

The 10 mile course (8:30 am start) consisted of one 10 mile loop.

10 mile course map


50 km

Dave Walick took off fast and furious through the first 20-ish miles of the male race, knocking off loop splits of 1:11:18 and 1:14:28. Behind Walick, Stephen Baumgartner and Michael Adams appeared to leave loop three together, 18+ minutes down from the race leader with 10 miles to the finish.

Baumgartner and Adams continued there very consistent pacing and ran their fastest loops for the final 10 miles. Walick slowed significantly which allowed the chasers to pass and race each other for the win. Baumgartner had a bit more kick to win with a time of 4:03:06.

Top 3 male:

  1. Stephen Baumgartner – 4:03:06
  2. Michael Adams – 4:04:12
  3. Dave Walick – 4:18:22

The female race was dominated by Kelli Newlon. Newlon had nearly a six minute lead over second place after the first 10 miles and this time continued to increase throughout the race. Newlon went on to win with a time of 4:12:26, which was also strong enough for third overall.

Top 3 female:

  1. Kelli Newlon – 4:12:26 (*3rd overall*)
  2. Amanda McIntosh – 4:38:18 (*6th overall*)
  3. Tricia Hernandez – 4:56:07

Complete 50 km results.

10 mile

About 3.5 minutes separated each of the top three females with Alissa Inman crossing the line first at 1:17:44.

Top 3 female:

  1. Alissa Inman – 1:17:44
  2. Matina Mauldin – 1:19:07
  3. Amy Archibald – 1:21:11

The top three males were also separated by about three minutes with Dan Jess leading the way with a 1:03:12.

Top 3 male:

  1. Dan Jess – 1:03:12
  2. Shelby Snodgrass – 1:04:35
  3. Dustin Skogman – 1:06:00

Complete 10 mile results

The Tough-as-Nails Award

nails1The final finishers of an ultra distance event are some of the toughest athletes that are willing to stick with it to the best of their current ability and cross that darn finish line.

The Tough-as-Nails award recipients:

  • Joseph Wilson kept moving forward to finish the 50 km adventure in 9:03:48.

Race Reports and Photos

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