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Destination Ultramarathon: Jungle Marathon

I thought it might be fun to periodically highlight a few destination races across the world.

I recently ran into an interesting event called the Jungle Marathon.



The Jungle Marathon takes place in the Floresta National de Tapajos in the State of Para, Brazil. This is a jungle run folks in an area of the country often referred to as the Caribbean of the Amazon.

Race Summary

This event is a multi-stage/day event where athletes choose between the 100 km or 222 km distance spread across 4-6 days. Runners have to be self-sufficient with only water at designated checkpoints. 2010 daily stage distances range from 16.3 km to 87 km (non-stop overnight).

North American The North Face athletes, Mike Wolfe (US), Nikki Kimball (US), and Tracey Garneau (CAN), all participated in the 2009 222 km event.


Sleep in a cozy, plush resort each night – nope! You sleep in hammocks (which you have to bring) in camps along the shores of the river.

Be sure to check out the 2009 Promo video. (Unfortunately I couldn’t embed it.)

Race Briefing

The below video contains moments from the 2009 race briefing captured by He collected a bunch of cool footage.

Critter talk, athlete thoughts, and the RD describing stage 1.

(If you can’t see the video, click Jungle Marathon 2009 Day 2 Jungle Briefing)

Stage 1 15.43 km Highlights

The first finisher of the stage took 2:51 and the final stage finisher came in at 9:08 for the 222 km race division.

Jungle Marathon 2009 Day 3: Stage 1 from Adam Brown on Vimeo.

Over the next couple Friday’s I will include a couple more video stages to kick-start your weekend adventures.

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