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TRC Post Oak Lodge Trail Run 2010 Results


Last weekend, the inaugural TRC Post Oak Lodge trail run event had two days of trail running fun that included 50 km, marathon, 25 km, and 10 km distances. The marathon run was on Saturday and the other three distances were all on Sunday. You now had the opportunity to run two races in one weekend…and a few actually did just that!

As a special feature, Russell Secker, the Texas athlete that ran the 2009 Trans-Europe Footrace, spoke at the pasta dinner about his experience.


The course is described as a combination of existing gravel roads, old farm roads, a couple of chat trails, and miles and miles of single track winding through the meadows and deep woods.

Most distances are a loop course besides the marathon which ran a 25 km loop and two out-and-back sections.


Saturday: Marathon

There were 133 athletes that finished the marathon trail run.

The male race came down to Michael Adams and Gary Hula pushing each other for the win.  Adams was able to outrun Hula by just under four minutes with a chip time of 4:02:09.

Top 3 male:

  1. Michael Adams (TX) – 4:02:09
  2. Gary Hula (OK) – 4:05:53
  3. Keith Wilson (KS) – 4:16:15

One week after her female win and second overall placing at the Cross Timbers marathon, Christine Tokarz still had the legs to win the female race by nearly 30 minutes and hold onto second overall. Tokarz crossed the finish line in 4:05:10.

Top 3 female:

  1. Christine Tokarz (TX) – 4:05:10 (*2nd overall*)
  2. Penny Welchel (AR) – 4:34:56
  3. Tiffany Crumbaugh (WA) – 4:44:30

Complete marathon results.

Sunday: 50 km

57 athletes completed the 50 km trail run.

The female race was a fairly tightly contested challenge between Krystle Martinez and Kelly Zeier with 3 minutes 37 seconds separating the two after 50 km of up, down, and around. Martinez held on to win with a time of 5:43:08.

Top 3 female:

  1. Krystle Martinez (FL) – 5:43:08
  2. Kelly Zeier (MO) – 5:46:45
  3. Tammy Winn (OK) – 6:00:56

After winning the marathon on Saturday, Michael Adams was back on the trails going after a second win for the weekend but Troy Albright had other plans. Albright pushed the pace beyond what Adams could sustain and won by nine-plus minutes at 4:51:26.

Top 3 male:

  1. Troy Albright (OK) – 4:51:26
  2. Michael Adams (TX) – 5:10:50
  3. Chris Bennett (OK) – 5:30:02

Complete 50 km results.

Sunday: 25 km

74 athletes finished the trail run.

Joel Stansloski dominated the male race to win with a time of 1:44:11. Second place was over 12 minutes back.

Top 3 male:

  1. Joel Stansloski (OK) – 1:44:11
  2. Blake Hern (MO) – 1:56:39
  3. Mark Sitton (OK) – 2:36:36

After the marathon win on Saturday, Christine Tokarz had enough left in the tank to win by over 12 minutes and take fifth overall. Second and third place was an extremely tight 25 kms of trail running between Stephanie Flynn and Muge Park with 15 seconds separating them at the finish. An interesting final few miles I am sure.

Top 3 female:

  1. Christine Tokarz (TX) – 2:42:33 (*5th overall*)
  2. Stephanie Flynn (OK) – 2:50:47
  3. Muge Park (OK) – 2:51:02

Complete 25 km results.

Sunday: 10 km

191 athletes finished the 10 km trail race.

Juan Martinez out-paced all runners to hold onto the male win with a 50:34 chip time. Not too far behind, Reynaldo Waldestran and Bryan Warren were red-lining for second place. Waldestran was able to out kick Warren by eight seconds to take second place with a 51:21.

Top 3 male:

  1. Juan Martinez (OK) – 50:34
  2. Reynaldo Waldestran (OK) – 51:21
  3. Bryan Warren (OK) – 51:29

Jennifer Johnson took off and never looked back to dominate the female race with a finish time of 51:21. The female race also had a close challenge for second place between Caroline Sullivan and Cherie Kail as a mere 33 seconds separated the two. Sullivan kept the legs churning a bit quicker to take second place.

Top 3 female:

  1. Jennifer Johnson (OK) – 51:21
  2. Caroline Sullivan (AR) – 57:47
  3. Cherie Kail (OK) – 58:20

Complete 10 km results.

The Tough-as-Nails Award

nails1The final finishers of an ultra distance event are some of the toughest athletes that are willing to stick with it to the best of their current ability and cross that darn finish line.

The Tough-as-Nails award recipients:

  • 50 km: Debbie Colletta (MO) dug deep to become the last official (9 hr) finisher at 8:55:00.

Race Reports and Photos

  • marathon and 50 km – “The view was awesome. It truly seemed like you were way up towering over the Tulsa horizon. A great place to visit, and a good place to get down from since it was frickin cold.” – TZ @ …Miles To Go Before I Sleep
  • volunteer – “On Sunday, I think that I spotted Bigfoot. I could make millions in the tabloids with this.” – TomDog @ The Strenuous
  • A selection of photos.

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  1. on 05 Mar 2010 at 2:25 pm tomdog

    Thanks for the write up and mentioning my blog in your post. It is really a nice place to have a race and enjoy the trails. I am glad others got to enjoy it.

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