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Double Trouble Trail Challenge 2010 Results

Over the last couple weekends, the Double Trouble Trail Challenge took place down in San Antonio, Texas. On February 21st, the Eisenhower 10 km Challenge took place and the following weekend athletes could enjoy the Paesano’s Salado Creek 8 mile / 5 km.

Race director, Bart Childers, dedicates these races to his father.

“These races are dedicated to my dad, Bill Childers, now deceased.  He was a retired CMSGT with 28 years in the Air Force, proudly served.  He passed away in March of 2009.  These races are dedicated to his memory and are as close to the date of his death possible.  Some people have questioned the date of these races, but never asked the reason for the date.  So there it is for those that care to ask.”


The Eisnehower 10 km course is described as:

Paved trails and unpaved trails; hilly and challenging. This is a tough course, but it is fun. The hardest steepest parts of the park are not included in this race. When you are off the paved trails you will be running on some rocky areas, some areas are covered in cedar-very smooth and nice.

The Paesano’s Salado Creek 8 mile / 5 km is described as an eight mile single-track course.


Eisenhower 10 km Challenge

The female race was won by Margo Martinez with a time of 46:30.

Top 3 female:

  1. Margo Martinez – 46:30
  2. Jennifer Cardella – 48:53
  3. Diana Ruderman – 49:45

The male race was won handled by James Bales with a time of 36:24.

Top 3 male:

  1. James Bales – 36:24
  2. Pablo Fajordo – 42:15
  3. Philip Edelen – 43:14

Complete 10 km Results

Paesano’s Salado Creek 8 mile

James Bales outran Robert Michell by 39 seconds to win with a time of 54:34.

Top 3 male:

  1. James Bales – 54:34
  2. Robert Michell – 55:13
  3. Eric Herzoy – 58:37

Holly Stewart and Diana Ruderman was separated by less than 3 seconds after the 8 mile run. Stewart had a bit more left in the tank to take the win with a time of 1:08:24. Had to be fun to watch.

Top 3 female:

  1. Holly Stewart – 1:08:24
  2. Diana Ruderman – 1:08:27
  3. LaToya Payne – 1:11:28

Complete 8 mile results.

Paesano’s Salado Creek 5 km

Kristy Kalisky went on to win the female race with a 8:36 min/mile pace and time finish time of 26:40.

Top 3 female:

  1. Kristy Kalisky – 26:40
  2. Amy Griffin – 27:00
  3. Laurie Krock – 30:15

Ulises Marrufo was all alone at the front to win with a time of 21:37 in the male race.

Top 3 male:

  1. Ulises Marrufo – 21:37
  2. Charles Cetina – 24:54
  3. Steve Johns – 26:41

Complete 5 km results

Race Reports

  • 10 km – “There was a few places where it looked like they had put in speed bumps on the trail.  Massive foot-high speed bumps.  I think they were put in to keep the trails from washing out when it rained, but somehow the idea of putting in speed bumps to help runners manage their speeds was amusing.” by Ann @ Life According to Annabelle
  • 8 mile – “The trail we were on was barely a foot wide at that point, so when I tried to step aside to let them pass, I had to either hug a tree or get clawed by the nearby shrubberies.  Later I discover a small twig stuck in my hair.” by Ann @ Life According to Annabelle

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