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Sooner State Games Trail Run 2010 Results

The Sooner State Games are currently in full swing up in Oklahoma and the trail running event completed last weekend. The 14 mile, 7 mile, 3.5 mile races took place at Bluff Creek Park in Oklahoma City.

The course consisted of 3.5 mile loops that contain tight single track and some moderate technical sections.


14 mile

Twelve men ran the event with Tony Albright taking the lead by the first loop and never looking back to win with a time of 2:02:35. Albright ran even splits the first three labs before slowing on lap four.

Top 3 male:

  1. Tony Albright – 2:02:35
  2. David Ball – 2:29:33
  3. Michael Schneider – 2:32:52

Three women enjoyed the 14 mile trail run with Melaina Brunk winning with a 2:26:29 time.

All 3 female:

  1. Melaina Brunk – 2:26:29
  2. Tracy Sowinski – 2:51:58
  3. Karen Greer – 4:37:30

7 mile

The seven mile scamper had a total of 33 runners.

The female race was cruised through by Katie Kramer who ran with a fairly even pace through each of the two loops to win with a time of 1:07:57. Second place was over 30 minutes back.

Top 3 female:

  1. Katie Kramer – 1:07:59
  2. Julie Dolph – 1:40:06
  3. Dana Elkins  – 1:48:07

Charles Thomas was not going to be denied the male win and knocked off a negative split for the seven mile course to win in a time of 1:03:41. Second and third was a battle between Ryan Ellis and Charlie Neuenschuan with Neuenschuan leading after lap one by 18 seconds. Ellis was able to out run Neuenschuan by 67 seconds on lap two to hold onto second place with a 1:06:32.

Top 3 male:

  1. Charles Thomas – 1:03:41
  2. Ryan Ellis – 1:06:32
  3. Charlie Neuenschuan – 1:07:21

3.5 mile

The 3.5 mile event had 35 runners enjoying the one loop course.

The male race was won with a 8:17 min/mile average pace and overall time of 28:58 by John Osland.

Top 3 male:

  1. John Osland – 28:58
  2. Jerry Caughman – 31:36
  3. Bill Gibson – 32:08

Mandy Garvie staid our front in the female race to win with a 37:43. Second and third came across the line together at 41:05.

Top 3 female:

  1. Mandy Garvie – 37:43
  2. Misty Streets – 41:05
  3. Stephanie Coil – 41:05

Complete Results for all distances.

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