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Bandera Trail Run 2010 Race Results

Course records fall at Bandera!

Over the weekend the Bandera trail run took place in the rugged, rocky, and varied terrain in the Hill Country State Natural Area just outside Bandera, Texas. Race director Joe Prusaitis, offered a 100 km, 50 km, or 25 km course that provided a hearty challenge to the 563 athletes that started the day.

Race morning was cold for most southern blood as race start was around 10 F (Ryan V. shares proof) with clear skies and no wind. Temps slowly rose into the low to mid 40s by mid afternoon.

The race brought in a few extra fast feet from around the country as the 100 km and 50 km races were the fifth race of the national Montrail Ultra Cup series.

The run-fast friendly temps and additional fast feet made the pointy-end of the field even sharper.

The Course

Each race distance shared much of the same trail but Joe designed it in such a way that each race distance started on different parts of the trail. This created space for each race distance so things were never congested on the trails.

The 100 km course was two loops.

100 km course profile

The 50 km course was one loop.

50 km course profile

The 25 km course was one loop.

25 km course profile


100 km

The 100 km trail run had 147 trail running junkies toe the start line and 110 (75%) were able to complete the entire distance. The finish percentage dropped by 8% as compared with last year’s results.

The male race had to be exciting and smokin fast. Both Nick Clark and Chikara Omine broke the course record held by Matt Harrington (9:25:39) since 2004. Clark was able to out stride Omine by a mere 2 minutes 46 seconds across the 100 km distance to win with a 9:16:57.

The top SMW regional male was Steven Moore who placed fourth overall with a solid 9:58:49.

Top 5 male:

  1. Nick Clark (CO) – 9:16:57 (*new course record*)
  2. Chikara Omine (CA) – 9:19:43 (beat previous course record)
  3. Dan Vega (CO) – 9:26:50
  4. Steven Moore (TX) – 9:58:49
  5. Richard Cooke (PA) – 10:06:54

The female race had to be equally exciting and blazing fast. Listen closely. The top four women all broke the previous course record. Just over 11 minutes separated one through four. That is a tight, tight race across 100 km. Co-winners Jill Perry and Aliza Lapierre smashed the previous course record held by Amanda McIntosh (11:18:49) since 2004. Perry and Lapierre won with a time of 10:33:18.

The top SMW regional female was flat-lander and north Texan Chris Tokarz with an impressive 11:20:40 and fourth overall female.

Top 5 female:

  1. Jill Perry (NY) and Aliza Lapierre (VT) – 10:33:18 (*new course record*)
  2. Pam Smith (OR) – 10:36:25 (beat previous course record)
  3. Annette Bednosky (NC) – 10:44:37 (beat previous course record)
  4. Christine Tokarz (TX) – 11:20:40
  5. Marcy Beard (TX) – 11:57:14

50 km

The 50 km trail run had 179 athletes at the start and a 172 (96%) made it to the finish.

The female race was won by Meredith Terranova as she cross the finish with a time of 5:04:54. Second and third place was extremely tight with eleven seconds separating Jean Herbert and Maria Ladd.

Top 5 female:

  1. Meredith Terranova (TX) – 5:04:54
  2. Jean Herbert (NM) – 5:10:14
  3. Maria Ladd (NM) – 5:10:25
  4. Kristen Alex (TX) – 5:43:58
  5. Vikki Baylis (Canada) – 5:45:28

Josh Beckham won the male trail race and set a new course record of 3:55:28 which was previously held by Jamie Cleveland (4:06:03) since 2008.

Top 5 male:

  1. Josh Beckham (TX) – 3:55:18 (*new course record*)
  2. Paul Terranova (TX) – 4:14:31
  3. Sean Lewis (TX) – 4:19:31
  4. Ken Gordon (NM) – 4:28:07
  5. Matt Smith (TX) – 4:31:54

25 km

The 25 km trail race had 237 athletes start the morning and 235 (99%) finished.

The male race was strongly won by Robert Michell with a time of 1:52:31. Second through fourth place was separated by a little over one minute which had to make those last few miles a leg burner.

Top 5 male:

  1. Robert Michell (TX) – 1:52:31
  2. Joshua Gordon (NM) – 2:13:44
  3. Jason Mittman (TX) – 2:14:13
  4. Gerald Fincken (TX) – 2:14:54
  5. Joe Sneddon (TX) – 2:15:54

The female race was controlled by Jennifer McRae and she crossed the line with a time of 2:26:21.

Top 5 female:

  1. Jennifer McRae (TX) – 2:26:21
  2. Amanda McIntosh (TX) – 2:32:17
  3. Kristi Darby (TX) – 2:35:14
  4. Crystal Deaner (TX) – 2:42:36
  5. Joleen Kinzer (TX) – 2:42:59

Complete 2010  Results.

The Tough-as-Nails Award

nails1The final finishers of an ultra distance event are some of the toughest athletes that are willing to stick with it to the best of their current ability and cross that darn finish line.

The Tough-as-Nails award recipients:

  • Deborah Sexton – Deborah (North Texan) persevered and finished the 100 km in frigid temperatures 15 minutes before the 7:30 am cutoff at 23:44:21.
  • Fred McCurnin  – Fred finished the 50 km challenge in 10:58:44.

Race Reports

Congrats to all those that had the courage, health, and opportunity for a day on the trails.

Be active – Feel the buzz!

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