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B Corporation Discounts: GoLite Gear and More

B-corpI just received an an email providing significant discounts and specials for GoLite (How about 40%!) and a host of other companies that are supposed to have high social and environmental standards. These standards allow them to become a certified B Corporation.

What is a certified B Corporation?

B Corporations are a new type of corporation which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. B Corporations are unlike traditional responsible businesses because they:

1. Meet comprehensive and transparent social and environmental performance standards.

2. Institutionalize stakeholder interests.

3. Build collective voice through the power of a unifying brand.

As part of the holiday season, 22 various B Corporations are offering significant discounts to – you. Kind of cool.

Check them out.

Apparel, Footwear, and Sports

  • GoLite 40% Discount – Code: BCORP09
    GoLite makes high-performance outdoor apparel and equipment that is light on the planet. We inspire people to protect nature by increasing their enjoyment of it.
  • Atayne – 25% Discount – Code: BCORP09
    Atayne leverages innovative technologies and uses “trash” to make performance athletic gear that is safe for people and the
  • Autonomie – 15% Discount – Code: BCORP09
    Autonomie Project is an innovative Fair Trade fashion company offering stylish, high-quality and affordable sweatshop-free, eco-friendly & vegan footwear, clothing and accessories for children and
  • Fair Trade Sports – Free Shipping – Code: BCorpHol
    Eco + Fair Trade Certified sports balls for soccer, football, basketball (and more)! Learn more on our blog at For more info
    go to
  • Indigenous Designs15% Discount – Code: BCORP09
    Indigenous Designs, a pioneer in the fair trade and organic apparel market, provides hand-knit, natural fiber clothing that honors both people and the planet.
  • Lateral Line – 15% Discount – Code: BCORP09
    Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Easton, Maryland, Lateral Line builds the most technologically advanced year-round fishing apparel on the planet.
  • Vedante – 20% Discount – Code: BCORP09
    Fashion that Reflects Well on You! – Vedante creates SuperReflective accessories for People and Pets that are fun and fashionable. A great way to be safe and seen when you are out at night this holiday season.

Beauty Health/Fitness

  • Inesscents 20% Discount on orders over $25 – Code: BCORP09
    Inesscents Aromatic Botanicals is a small family owned handmade, organic, eco-friendly, zero waste body care company. The Eco- logical alternative to the unhealthy chemical based cosmetic
  • Kinesys 30% Discount & free shipping on orders over $45 – Code: BCORP09
    KINeSYS manufacturers the only Oil, Alcohol, PABA, Preservative and Paraben Free broad spectrum UVA/UVB spray on sunscreen. The “greenest” sustainable sunscreen on the market.
  • Morning Indigo/Skin Care for Athletes 25% Discount – Code: BCORP09
    Skin Care for Athletes is the only organic and natural skin care line designed specifically for athletes, offering total body care

Gourmet Treats

  • Alter-Eco 10% Discount – Code: BCORP09
    ALTER ECO works directly with dozens of farmer cooperatives in the Global South to offer exquisite Fair Trade, Organic and Carbon Neutral foods including chocolate, quinoa, rice, sugar and Olive Oil.
  • Essential Living Foods 15% Discount – Code: BCORP09
    Organic Superfoods such as raw chocolate, maca, goji berries; sourced direct from the farms with 1% of every purchase going back to support the local communities.
  • Greyston Bakery10% Discount – Code: BCORP09
    Celebrate every day with a Do-Goodie Brownie. Indulge someone special with our gift boxes that taste good and ‘do good.’ All Do-Goodie profits are donated to the Greyston Foundation!
  • Guayaki 20% Discount – Code: BCORP09
    Guayaki is the pioneer in organic, fairly traded, yerba mate, restoring and protecting the South American rainforest, while empowering indigenous people and local farmers.
  • Numi Tea 15% Discount – Code: BCORP9
    Numi Organic Tea is a leading purveyor of premium-quality Organic and Fair Trade Certified teas and herbs. Numi Organic products contain 100 percent real ingredients for a pure taste, without oils or flavorings. Numi is a leader in sustainability, producing a healthy product that benefits people and the planet.
  • Untours Free Shipping – Code: BCORP09
    Untours, a unique travel business offering vacation rental packages, is selling “Hal’s Blend” Fair Trade Certified coffee (named for Hal Taussig) to benefit the Untours Foundation.


  • Barkwheats 20% Discount – Code: BCORP09
    Barkwheats™ are a new kind of grain-free dog biscuit, baked with organic ingredients sourced directly from farmers. Buy now for healthy pups and a healthy planet!
  • Better World Books – 10% Discount – Code: BCORP09
    Better World Books ( collects and sells books online with each sale generating funds for literacy initiatives in the U.S. and around the world.
  • Green Heart Global12% Discount – Code: BCORP09
    GreenHeart Global – Ditto® Hangers are the premiere environmental hangers for retail and consumer use. Purchase our brand new Ditto® 10-Packs on
  • New Leaf Paper Over 15% off – Code: BCORP09
    New Leaf Paper produces environmentally-leading commercial printing papers and beautifully designed, sustainable consumer products for home, school, and office.
  • Melissa Joy Manning20% Discount – Code: BCORP09
    Melissa Joy Manning jewelry is hand made in her Oakland, California studio. Her work is eclectic and modern. Using gold, silver, semi-precious & precious stones and found objects, her line blends traditional and modern jewelry by utilizing unconventional materials to create neoteric pieces.
  • Sustainable Industries Over 50% off – Code: BCORP
    Sustainable Industries is an independent media company serving business leaders of the new economy with its monthly sustainability magazine, quarterly business guides, web site, webinars, e-newsletters and forum events. Receive 12 monthly issues plus 4 quarterly Sustainable Business Guides for only $19 – that’s 50% off ! Use promo code: BCORP

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