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Ultracentric Race 2009 Results

A little over a week ago the 2009 Ultracentric timed-event came to a close, at least for the run, walk, move your feet events. The mountain biking was postponed until Dec 4-6.

The 72/48/24/12/6 hour race format was relocated to Murrell Park out at Grapevine Lake. The course was a half mile loop on a flat paved park road. Round and round you go, which can actually be more fun than you may think.


The race had an interesting cash payout for top three male and female athletes for each event. Basically, the more athletes participating, the bigger the purse.

The details (per my interpretation):

  • Every athlete equates to $50 within that event’s (ex: 48 hour) purse pool.
  • First place Male/Female = 45% of event’s total purse pool.
  • Second place Male/Female = 25% of event’s total purse pool.
  • Third place Male/Female = 15% of event’s total purse pool.

Miles To Go Before I Sleep – Results

Here is a brief summary of the somewhat, kinda, maybe, official results. The ultracentric results page, says the results are still in progress so I may be making a leap of faith here but this is what I see to date.

6 Hour Event

Total athletes: 8

Top Three Female:

  • Marla Hendricks – 28.504 miles
  • Susan Fields – 27.995 miles
  • Suzyn Barrientos – 26.468 miles

Looked like a nice little run off between Hendricks and Fields with a 1/2 mile separating the two.

Top Three Male:

  • Richard Newman – 35.63 miles
  • James Baudhuin – 32.067 miles
  • Steve Grady – 30.031 miles

12 Hour Event

Total Atheletes: 5

Top Three Two Male:

  • David Johnson – 52.427 miles
  • Neil Hewitt – 31.558 miles

Top Three Female:

  • Paula Robertson – 50.391 miles
  • Sarah Hendrickson – 49.882 miles
  • Janet Boxwell – 9.162 miles

Another seemingly nail-biter between the top two women.

24 Hour Event

Total Athletes: 12

Top Three Female:

  • Rochelle Frazeur – 96.55 miles
  • Yen Nguyen – 93.147 miles
  • Tammy Unangst – 81.495 miles

Top Three Male:

  • Sam Thompson – 115.543 miles
  • Joe Judd – 102.309 miles
  • Eunsup Kim – 95.692 miles

48 Hour Event

Total Athletes: 7

Top Three Male:

  • Doug Ratliff – 141.106 miles
  • Rick Carr – 100.782 miles
  • Marvin Skagerberg – 100.273 miles

Was it a sprint in the final minutes/seconds between Carr and Skagerberg?

Top Three Female:

  • Kimberley Sergeant – 130.687 miles
  • Melody Dennis – 100.273 miles
  • Gloria Canch0la – 100.000 miles

Dennis and Canchola looked to have some interesting final miles in their 48 hour adventure.

Compete Results – Ultracentric Results Page

Note: The top Running and Biking winners poster page links within the 2009 heading is actually for 2008.

Race Reports

This event has had a bit of a checkered past but everything I have heard so far concerning this year’s event has been positive.

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