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Rocky Raccoon Trail Run 50/25 km – 2009 Results

A couple weeks ago the Rocky Raccoon trail run took place in the Texas trail race popular Huntsville State park, located 45 minutes north east of Houston, right up 45.

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The event provided runners the opportunity to gallop their way through the 25 km loop (either once or twice) consisting of root-scattered single track and jeep roads. Besides requiring root awareness, the trail is a very nice running surface.

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The 50 km race had 125 runners toe the line and at the end of the day 121 finishers cross the line with the top three finishers clocking in under four hours. That is movin’, whether we are talking trail or road.

(No 25 km results posted yet.)

Men’s Race

In the 50 km men’s race, Josh Beckham crossed the line in 3:30:38 with Chris McClure close on his heels with a 3:35:49 finish. The top master’s finisher went to Francisco Garza as he cruised through the course with a time of 4:07:49 and fourth overall.

Top 5 Men:

  1. Josh Beckham – 3:30:38
  2. Chris McClure – 3:35:49
  3. Wilmer Gariria – 3:48:35
  4. Francisco Garza – 4:07:49
  5. Max Grey – 4:11:21

Women’s Race

The 50 km women’s race had two athletes come in under five hours with Meredith Terranova taking the win with a time of 4:32:28 and eighth overall. Tricia Hernandez was second female at 4:58:02. The female master’s race appeared to be an exciting trail traversing challenge as Jennifer Evans stayed in front of Elva LaFuente by a less than two minutes by the end of the 50 km distance.

Top 5 Women:

  1. Meredith Terranova – 4:32:28
  2. Tricia Hernandez – 4:58:02
  3. Julie Morris – 5:07:33
  4. Jennifer Evans – 5:20:47
  5. Elva LaFuente – 5:22:45

Tough-as-Nails Award

nails1The final finishers of an ultra distance event are some of the toughest athletes that are willing to stick with it to the best of their current ability and cross that darn finish line.

The Tough-as-Nails award recipients:

  • Molly Nordt and Mike Huff – Molly and Mike appeared to team up and finish the 50 km course together in 8:44:28.

Full Results

Rocky Raccoon trail run: 50/25 km 2009 Results

(note: At the time of the posting, the 25 km race results have not been included. It has been two weeks since the race so I didn’t feel like waiting any longer to let you know some of what happened on the day.)

Race Reports

I searched a bit for some race reports but couldn’t find any. If you have one and would like to share it with the rest of us, please add a link in the comment link below. Many would enjoy checking them out.

Congratulations to all those that laced them up and attempted this trail running adventure.

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