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Rockledge Rumble Trail Run 2009 Results

As the southern United States continues through its trail racing season, the Rockledge Rumble trail run, held on the trails at Grapevine lake in north Texas, provided a hearty challenge for everyone over the Weekend.

This is the North Texas Trail Runners second club-sponsored event of the year.

The sold-out event had 15/30/50 km distances that guided athletes along the varied shoreline terrain. The course was a bit different than previous years as new trail has been added and based on last year’s results, the course appears a bit tougher and/or longer.

Men’s Race

The 50 km race was a treat to watch first hand as I ran the event as well.

50 km winner Scott Eppelman

50 km winner Scott Eppelman

Back to defend his win in 2008, Scott Eppelman trailed Greg Gibbs by 90 seconds with ~8 miles from the finish. The next opportunity to see them (~3-4 miles to the finish), Eppelman had taken the lead and looked as fluid and strong as I had seen him all day. He even had enough energy to say “good job” to me as we passed. Gibbs was now approximately 90 seconds back and walking. Eppelman increased his gap in the remaining miles to win with a time of 5:06:13. Gibbs regrouped and held it together to finish a strong second at 5:13:17.

Top 5 Men 50 km:

  1. Scott Eppelman – 5:06:13
  2. Greg Gibbs – 5:13:17
  3. David Smith – 5:51:41
  4. Johnny Gish – 5:56:22
  5. Louie Telles – 6:00:16

The 30 km race was impressively won with a sub three hour finish by Jacob Evans at 2:48:17. Richard Miller was second across the line with a time of 3:14:12. I am not sure how the race between 3-5 played out in the final miles but it sure could have been exciting.

Top 5 Men 30 km:

  1. Jacob Evans – 2:48:17
  2. Richard Miller – 3:14:12
  3. Greg Buzanis – 3:18:26
  4. Douglas Howie – 3:19:14
  5. Daniel Brower – 3:20:07

The 15 km race was well…a race, as the top four places were separated  by one minute and three seconds! The top two places were held by fifteen year old Manuel Houellemont and thirteen year old Davis Crawford.

Top 5 Men 15 km:

  1. Manuel Houellemont – 1:19:43
  2. Davis Crawford – 1:20:24
  3. Glen Rudolph – 1:20:32
  4. Tom Brown – 1:20:46
  5. Steven Wray – 1:21:58

Women’s Race

50 km winner Christine

50 km winner Christine Tokarz

Christine Tokarz won the women’s 50 km and looked extremely in control throughout the day. She had that nice turnover that never appeared to change. Tokarz won with a time of 5:20:24 and was comfortably third overall. Second place, Julie Armstrong crossed the line with a 5:53:52 and fifth overall.

Top 5 Women 50 km:

  1. Christine Tokarz – 5:20:24
  2. Julie Armstrong – 5:53:52
  3. Robin Phelps – 6:27:30
  4. Pepsi Cameron – 6:45:01
  5. Laura Nelson – 6:46:22

Forth overall, Alison Semrau, won the 30 km race by a ten minute margin with a time of 3:18:41 over second place Emi Sagawa.

Top 5 Women 30 km:

  1. Alison Semrau – 3:18:41
  2. Emi Sagawa – 3:28:43
  3. Dana Novinskie – 3:34:29
  4. Marlee Clark – 3:46:25
  5. Claudia Zulejkic – 3:48:14

Mary Penrose won the 15 km race and was tenth overall with time of 1:24:23. Not far behind, Monique Ecker took second with a time of 1:25:43. Yes, one second between third and forth!

Top 5 Women 15 km:

  1. Mary Penrose – 1:24:23
  2. Monique Ecker – 1:25:43
  3. Christy Mcwilliam – 1:35:47
  4. Barbara Rudolf – 1:35:48
  5. Kati Stoddard – 1:40:03

The Tough-as-Nails Award

nails1The final finishers of an ultra distance event are some of the toughest athletes that are willing to stick with it to the best of their current ability and cross that darn finish line.

The Tough-as-Nails award recipients:

  • John Hargrove – John worked his way through the 50 km trail run in 9:34:11.
  • Terri Griffin, Sharon Jones, and Marilyn Micheletti were not going to be denied this finish. The three came in together just over 6:05 in the 30 km run.
  • Jan Richards and Liza Kummer worked together to finish the 15 km in just over four hours. Btw, Jan is 82!

Full Results

NTTR: Rockledge Rumble trail run: 2009 Results (preliminary)

Race Reports

The blood, sweat, and tears from fellow runners. More will be added as I become aware of them.

Congrats to every that played in the dirt on Saturday.

Be active – Feel the buzz!

David –

(Race Photos: Courtesy of Mike Potter)

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