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How To Update Garmin Forerunner 305 Firmware

Fitness watches are like mini-computers and have periodic software upgrades to fix various bugs and improve the functionality of the device. The Garmin Forerunner 305 is no different.

How do you know if you need to update?

I recently became aware of an update available (current firmware version: 2.90 (as of this writing)) when I logged into Garmin Connect with the 305 connected to the computer. I was still running the 2.80 version. A message was displayed and I basically followed the instructions that had me use Garmin’s WebUpdater application located on my computer.

The above scenario would be one way to find out you need to get with the times. What if you don’t use Garmin Connect?

The simplest way to check and update your Garmin 305

Instead of having another piece of software that you may or may not use notify you of a software update, simply open WebUpdater and let it tell if there is anything available. Everyone with a Garmin Forerunner 305 should have WebUpdater installed on their computer or you can download the small application from Garmin.

Here are a few simple steps to guide you through it.

1. Connect your 305 to your computer.
2. Open WebUpdater. WebUpdater should be accessible on your computer under the Garmin program directory (Start -> All Programs -> Garmin -> WebUpdater).


3. Walk through the various WebUpdater windows.

4. The firmware upgrade is complete!

This simple process is something you could do every three months or so to make sure you are up-to-date. Or subscribe to EnduranceBuzz and I will let you know whenever I become aware of an update.

Watch commands to check or verify the firmware version

1.  Turn watch ON.

2. Click ‘mode’ button until you view the menu window.

3.  Select ‘Settings’ menu item.

4. Select ‘General’ menu item.

5. Scroll down and select ‘About Forerunner’ menu item.

6. The ‘Software Version’ displayed is the version of firmware running on your Garmin.

7. Click the ‘mode’ button to back out of the various menu levels.

You can also go to the Forerunner 305 Updates and Downloads page which highlights the most current firmware version (Unit Software) and additional optional software. If you need to update simply use the WebUpdater steps noted above.

At the start of your next race, you can ask the competitors wearing Garmin’s next to you, “Is your firmware updated?”. 🙂

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