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Cactus Rose 100 Mile Trail Run – 2009 Results

CactusRoseBuckle100The course, the event – Cactus Rose trail run

A nasty rugged trail run: No Whiners, Wimps, or Wusses

We give bonus Points for Blood, Cuts, Scrapes, & Puke

Course profile.

Last weekend 106 athletes went after the Cactus Rose 100 or 50 mile finish at the Hill Country State Natural Area down in Bandera, Texas. 69% of the 100 mile athletes were able to complete the distance while 96% of the 50 miler’s got it done. Within these race distances a finish is never a given so a big congrats to those that got ‘er done.

Finishers ranged in age from 20 years, up to 70 years young (Jean-Jacques d’Aquin). Mr. d’Aquin finished the 100 miles, yes 100 miles, in an impressive 33:51:00.

The Pointy-End

The 100 mile race was won by Elizabeth Howard (TX) with a time of 21:02:00. Hot on her heals was Ryan Loehding (TX) with a time of 21:05:00. What separates these two athletes over 100 miles. Not a heck of a lot. Maybe an extra pee break. Crazy. Their times show an average per mile pace difference of 1.8 secs/mile.

The 50 mile race was won by Quent Bearden (TX) with a sub eight hour finish at 7:59:00. Second place was snagged by Francisco Garza (TX) with a time of 8:46:00.

The Tough-as-Nails Award

nails1The final finishers of an ultra distance event are some of the toughest athletes that are willing to stick with it to the best of their current ability and cross that darn finish line.

The Tough-as-Nails award recipients:

  • Fred Thompson – Fred stuck with it and finished the 100 miles in 36:20:00.
  • Janice Ayson – Janice traversed up and down the 50 mile course in 29:58:00.

Complete Results

Cactus Rose Trail Run – 2009 Results


Enduro Photo took pics of the event which can be viewed on their site.

Race Reports

Entertaining and insightful first hand accounts from athletes that took on the challenging course.

  • Halloween Hundred at Cactus Rose by Mark@On the trails of a Welshrunner: 27:56:12 12th OA – A buckle, sore feet, and predicting a finish time to within four minutes over the 100 mile journey.
  • Cactus Rose 2009 by AnieJoe: Achilles issues forces a 100 mile race into one solid 50 mile finish.
  • Cactus Rose 50 miler – Race Report by MIKE_IS_IN_AUSTIN@Just South of the Dot: 9:01 3rd OA – Eating frozen cookies, climbing Mt. Fuji, getting lost, and finishing his first 50 miler.

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