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Trail Running Shoe Review: New Balance MT100 – By Run the Ultras

New-balance-mt100Travis over at Run the Ultras put together a good video review/summary of the fairly new lightweight trail running shoe, the New Balance MT100.

Travis and co-host Jason cover the features of the shoe from top-to-bottom, inside-and-out. These trail shoes weigh in at a feathery 7.3 oz (size 9) and may be worth investigating if you are looking for a more minimalistic trail shoe.

Here is a link to the video review: Run The Ultras: It’s Super Light – New Balance MT100

I will be honest, this shoe fascinates me a bit. That darn Born to Run book is corrupting my mind…or adding clarity and insight. Yet to be determined. I don’t feel ready for this minimal of a shoe…yet. A year from now I may have a different answer. Stay tuned.

Where to pick up some new tread?

Running Warehouse offers a great price on the New Balance MT100’s and by being a visitor of this site, you receive an extra 15% off the already good price.

Free two-day shipping, Free returns if the shoes doesn’t fit right for your, and great prices. Check them out! Simply purchase the shoes through this link for the additional 15% discount.

Then go enjoy the trails.

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