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24 The Hard Way Ultra Run – 2009 Results

trail-running-blurA bit late in getting this out but a little over a week ago, the first running of the 24 The Hard Way in Oklahoma City is complete. The timed event consisted of a 1/6/12/24 hour one mile loop adventure in Bluff Creek where you could choose between a mostly flat paved park trail or a slightly technical dirt trail. (Paved course video) There also was a 4-6 person relay team format for the 24 hour event.

All the comments I have heard on the event were extremely positive so this definitely seems like an event that will continue to grow throughout the coming years. The event organizer’s ( definitely seem to have their ducks in a row as they already have the date set for 2010 (October 23-24).

The event had ~124 runners getting out there to challenge themselves  and socialize with fellow runners.

Top Mileage Go-Getter’s

6 Hour Off-Road

  • Male – Jeremy Duncan (CO) – 39.65 miles (avg 9:05 min/mile)
  • Female – Christine Tokarz (TX) – 39.12 miles (avg 9:12 min/mile)

6 Hour Paved Trail

  • Male – Randy Ellis – 35.22 miles (avg 10:13 min/mile)
  • Female – Dianna Sulser – 34.15 miles (avg 10.33 min/mile)

12 Hour Off-Road

  • Male – Larry Murphy (AR) – 57.42 miles (avg  12:32 min/mile)
  • Female – Melissa Stone (OK) – 41.77 miles (avg 17:14 min/mile)

12 Hour Paved Trail

  • Male – Bruce Layne – 72.16 miles (avg 9:59 min/mile)
  • Female – Tina King (OK) – 30.78 miles (avg 23:24 min/mile)

24 Hour Off-Road

  • Male – Eunsup Kim (TX) – 81.37 miles (avg 17:42 min/mile)
  • Female – Katharine Miller (OK) – 68.32 miles (avg 21:05 min/mile)

24 Hour Paved Trail

  • Male – Danny Ponder (OK) – 114.45 miles (avg 12:35 min/mile)
  • Female – Juli Aistars (IL) – 104.85 miles (avg 13:44 min/mile)

You can check out the complete results for all flavors of there race at 24 The Hard Way Results – 2009.

What did the event look like?

The event photographer put together a slide-show of many pics that can give you a taste of the event.

As crazy as it may sound to run one mile circles for more hours than you can count on one hand,  a timed event like this is definitely one worth experiencing if you are a running fan. Here are 10 reasons why a timed event is cool.

Congrats to all athletes on what sounded like a special weekend.

For those than participated in the event, what did you think of it?

Be active – Feel the buzz!

David –

(Photo: Courtesy of arinas74.)

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