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Arkansas Traveller 100 Trail Run 2009 Results

Arkansas-traveller-100Over the weekend 65 athletes from three countries completed the 19th Annual Arkansas Traveller 100 trail run that had athletes running through the Ouachita National Forest.

The course contains 12,000 feet of climbing and dances between 400 and 1900 feet above sea level.

Top 5 Women (based on preliminary results):

  1. Monica Scholz (Ontario) – 23:16:41
  2. Chrissy Ferguson (AR) – 24:19:46
  3. Dianne Seager (AR) – 25:33:12
  4. Kimmy Riley (AR) – 27:45:06
  5. Joni Fantana (MD) – 28:29:01

Top 5 Men (based on preliminary results):

  1. PoDog Vogler (AR) – 17:49:50
  2. Kyle Baldwin (AR) – 19:17:35
  3. Cade Smith (MS) – 20:49:20
  4. Steve Appleton (AR) – 20:54:43
  5. Claude Hicks (TX) – 21:22:51

Complete Arkansas Traveller 100 results (preliminary)

This version of Arkansas Traveler by Wil Maring seems like it could represent this 100 mile journey; steady, peaceful, and emotional. Of course, the athletes may choose quite different words.

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

Congrats to all those that toed the line.

If you ran the event or watched any of it, I would love to hear some of your first hand accounts.

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