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How to Clean Ultimate Direction Water Bottle And Kicker Valve

If you have one of the Ultimate Direction Water Bottles (or any other sports bottle) it pays to get into a habit of cleaning them to prevent vegetation from growing inside. Num! The kicker valve also offer a unique cleaning challenge that requires a bit of creativity but can also be cleaned quite effectively with a handy little device.

Ultimate Direction provides the following cleaning recommendation:

If the bottle is used for anything other than water or if it needs a cleaning, the bottle is dishwasher safe (top rack) – or wash it with warm, soapy water. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly if hand washing. The Kicker Valve cap should be washed in warm, low-suds water. Be sure to rinse the cap thoroughly as well. To remove a funny taste, wash the bottle with a baking soda solution or with lemon juice.

The Brush

I personally am a fan of hand washing the bottles because sometimes a little bit of elbow grease is required to get the job done.

I found a testosterone-filled cleaning tool called the Munchkin Bottle and Nipple Brush that helps clean the bottle and the kicker valve. This 2-in-1 brush is made for cleaning baby bottles but works quite well cleaning sports water bottles and kicker valves.

Cleaning the Bottle

No surprise here. Warm water and a drop of soap, then put that Munchkin Bottle Brush to work. Rinse well when you are done. You don’t want to be blowing any soap bubbles during your next run.

Cleaning the Kicker Valve

nip-brushHere is where the nipple brush shines! (Never thought I would ever say that.) Slide the brush into the kicker valve and start scrubbin’. The little bristles can scrape off any items than may be sticking to the sidewalls of the valve.

ultimate-direction-nip-brusWhen you add nutrition/calorie products to the bottles cooties are likely to accumulate if you don’t clean out the valve with something that has a bit more teeth than the standard soap and water.

After some scrubbing with the brush, fill the bottle with some water, attach the cap, and squeeze water out through the valve to help flush out any of the loose gunk.

Be the first in your trail running club to proudly own a nipple brush. You can pick up your own Munchkin  Bottle and Nipple Brush at Amazon.

Do you have any other useful methods to clean out the kicker valve?

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