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2009 Karl’s Kanoe Trail Run Results

CAPT_KARL_LOG0_2009The third and final race of the Capt’n Karl’s race series took place over the weekend down at Inks lake state park just north west of Austin, Texas. The event had three distances to chose from and included a 10 km, 30 km, and 60 km.

The course consisted of 10km per loop with the 10 and 30 km racers starting at your typical early morning hour but the 60 km race had a bit of a twist with a 7 pm evening start.

I was not at the event but will try and share my interpretation of the race by looking at the split times. Wish me luck!

60 km Race

Finish Percentage: 31/51 = 60%

Men’s Race

Race winner Steven Moore from Austin, Texas led the race after clocking a 54:09 first loop but was eventually passed by Larry King (Austin, TX) during loop two. King held the lead for roughly 20 km before beginning to fade and finishing third overall. Moore took control of the race for good by the end of 40 km with a lead of 4:30 over second place finisher Mike Wilen. Moore went on to win with a time of 6:00:24 with second place nearly 20 minutes back.

  1. Steven Moore (Austin, TX) – 6:00:24
  2. Mike Wilen (Austin, TX) – 6:20:02
  3. Larry King (Austin, TX) – 6:32:50

Women’s Race

Race winner Mary Ntefidou from Houston, Texas didn’t take the lead until after 30 km of racing but she was not to give it up for the rest of the race. Early race leaders Stephanie Huie (Cedar Park, TX) and Dawn Banka (Austin, TX) both dropped after 30 km. Ntefidou went on to win with a time of 9:03:38 with second place nine minutes back.

  1. Mary Ntefidou (Houston, TX) – 9:03:38
  2. Rochelle Frazuer (Coppell, TX) – 9:12:48
  3. Charlene Janiak (Austin, TX) – 9:56:10

30 km Race

Finish Percentage: 44/47 = 94%

Men’s Race

Race winner Jason Brooks from Austin, Texas had a lead of 17 seconds over second place finisher Eric Herzog (San Antonio, TX) after the first 10 km. Brooks extended his lead to nearly three minutes after 20 km continued to dominate for the final 10 km having a finish time of 2:13:19.

  1. Jason Brooks (Austin, TX) – 2:13:19
  2. Eric Herzog (San Antonio, TX) – 2:26:48
  3. Eddie Calph (Cedar Park, TX) – 2:31:50

Women’s Race

Race leaders Amanda McIntosh (San Antonio, TX) and Mallory Cox (Austin, TX) both passed through 20 km with a total time of 1:51:00. During the final 10 km McIntosh was able to hold pace while Cox began to fade as her average pace slowed a bit over one minute per mile. McIntosh finished with a time of 2:50:42 (7th Overall) and had a 10 minute cushion to second place.

  1. Amanda McIntosh (San Antonio, TX) – 2:50:42
  2. Mallory Cox (Austin, TX) – 3:01:20
  3. Stephanie Davidson (Austin, TX) – 3:29:52

10 km Race

Not much of a story to decode here.

Men’s Race

Race winner Lou Riesch (Austin, TX) rocked through the challenging 10 km trail course at a pace of 7:33 min/mile. Second place, Tony Smith, finished 19 seconds behind Riesch.

  1. Lou Riesch (Austin, TX) – 46:56
  2. Tony Smith (Austin, TX) – 47:15
  3. Heath Ribordy (Austin, TX) – 47:48

Women’s Race

Katherine Fogelberg (Ft. Worth, TX) sped through the 10 km course to win with a time of 58:25 (7th Overall). Second place, Jamie Dueser, finished approximately 4:30 minutes behind Fogelberg.

  1. Katherine Fogelberg (Ft. Worth, TX) – 58:25
  2. Jamie Dueser (Yorktown, TX) – 1:03:02
  3. Christy Williams (Leander, TX) – 1:04:24

Complete Results

You can check out the complete race results for the 60 km, 30 km, and 10 km races at Traverse Trail Running.

Race Reports

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If you raced at the event, feel free to share your experience using the comment link below.

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