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What magazines specifically cover the sport of trail running and ultramarathon events?

I found three.

Trail Runner

Issues: 7 per year

Format: Hard-copy and Digital (This is cool!)

Mission Statement: “Trail Runner is the only magazine dedicated to the off-road running community, encouraging runners of all ages and abilities to experience the outdoors and achieve a healthier lifestyle through off-road running. Trail Runner magazine inspires and informs with accurate, intelligent and in-depth writing and compelling photography.”


Additional Information:

  • Free digital archive to check out 30 older issues – Great way to check out the magazine and learn about the sport although the race information will not be current.
  • Digital format available for current issues for a paid subscription. This is just cool and saves resources.

Marathon & Beyond

Issues: 6 per year

Format: Hard-copy

Mission Statement: Marathon & Beyond is designed to provide practical advice on running or preparing to run marathons and ultradistances. M&B includes complete training programs; easy-to-apply, cutting- edge scientific information; insightful examinations of the personal side of longer distance running; profiles of major marathons and ultramarathons; and regular columns focusing on specific aspects of running. The magazine also provides readers with a forum for sharing ideas, insights, questions, experiences, and concerns. M&B reaffirms the spirit of community, tradition, and collective experience. Marathoners, ultramarathoners, and those who want to become marathoners or ultramarathoners will enjoy the presentation of the important and useful information contained in each issue.”


Additional Information:

  • Typically 200 pages per issue.
  • Covers the road marathon distance as well.


Issues: 10 per year

Format: Hard-copy


Additional Information:

  • Contains both features and race results/reports.

For you active readers out there, what do you enjoy about the magazines?

Be active – Feel the buzz!

David –

About the author

David Hanenburg David Hanenburg is the passionate dirt-lovin' creator of Endurance Buzz and has been playing in the endurance sports world since 2000 after knockin' the dust off of his Trek 950 hardtail thanks to a friend asking to go ride some local dirt. In 2007 he ran his first ultra on the trails and fell in love with the sport and its people. For more information on David's endurance sports journey, check out the About page.

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