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Hardrock 100 – 17 SMW Athletes Play In The Mountains

Karl Meltzer and Diana Finkel powered through the mountainous 100 mile course for the 2009 win.

Stan Jensen’s site run100s provided a nice summary of the event.

“Karl Meltzer won in 24:38, a new record in the CCW direction and the second fastest time ever. Diana Finkel was the first woman in a course record 27:18, finishing 3rd overall behind Troy Howard in second place (in 26:01 – the third fastest time ever). There were 105 finishers out of 140 starters – the most ever. The oldest finisher was the amazing John DeWalt, 73, who finished his 14th Hardrock in 47:47.

Milestones: Kirk Apt collected his 15th Hardrock finish. Tyler Curiel completed his 10th Hardrock. Murray Schart, Jared Campbell, Billy Simpson, Scott Olmer, Rodger Wrublik, Chris Twiggs, and Diane Van Deren collected their 5th finishes.”

Some random observations:

  • The most finisher ever! Pretty cool.
  • Diana Finkel finished 3rd overall. This girl can move!
  • A 73 year old young man finished his 14th Hardrock! Speechless.
  • SMW region athlete Tyler Curiel completed his 10th Hardrock!

Nicely formatted complete results can also be checked out on Stan’s results page.

SMW Regional Athletes Results (Thanks to Stan’s results page.)

  • Sam Thompson (NM) – 7th Overall – 31:03:13
  • Tyler Curiel (TX) – 13th Overall – 32:42:15
  • Scott Eppelman (TX) – 21st Overall  – 34:37:55
  • David Coblentz (NM) – 23rd Overall – 34:43:21
  • Bill Geist (NM) – 30th Overall  – 35:50:10
  • Blake Wood (NM) – 41st Overall – 37:53:08
  • Kristen Kern (NM) – 44th Overall – 38:06:13
  • Dennis Drey (NM) – 45th Overall – 38:17:02
  • Randy Isler (NM) – 63rd Overall – 39:55:07
  • Lance Johnson (NM) – 73rd Overall – 41:12:17
  • Joe Prusaitis (TX) – Officially made it through Putnam aid-station (94.5 miles).
  • John Sharp (TX) – Officially made it to Chapm’n aid station (81.9 miles).
  • Mark Blenden (TX) – Officially made it to Telluride aid station (72.6 miles).
  • Mark Morris (TX) – Officially made it to Grouse aid station (42.1 miles).
  • Tom Stockton (NM) – Officially made it to Sherman aid station (28.7 miles).
  • Erik Moortgat (TX) – Officially made it to Sherman aid station (28.7 miles).
  • Stephen Hudgens (TX) – Officially made it to Sherman aid station (28.7 miles).

Congrats to you all for getting out there and giving it your best!


Here are some videos I found from the weekend while digging around YouTube and Vimeo. Enjoy!

The Race Start

Everyone hanging around in a pretty low-key manner until someone says, “Ok, start now”. This is not your local 5k event.

(If you can’t see the video click here.)

Cunningham Gulch Aid-Station (9.2 miles)

Race leaders, Scott Jaime and Karl Meltzer crossing a stream and heading into the first aid-station.

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

Approach to Virginia Pass

A taste of the terrain and scenery.

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

Very Nice Overview Of The Race

Well done!

Hardrock 100 Endurance Race from Josh Stephenson on Vimeo.

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

90 miles? Huh? I would be afraid to hear what would come out of my mouth at the end of this race. No recording devices please!

Be active – Feel the buzz!

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