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2009 DRC Independence 10k Race Report

Over the weekend my family participated in one of the biggest races the Dallas Running Club has put on in a long while. There were between 700-800 runners taking on the 5k or 10k running event down at the Dallas endurance athlete epicenter, White Rock lake.

Smiles before the start.

Smiles before the start.

I took on the 10k to try and see where my fitness was at being 1/3 the way in my prep for the Hottest Half in August. Wendy and Griffin enjoyed the 5k.

It was hot and humid. No surprise there. July in Texas – yes, deal with it.

My seemingly reasonable pre-race plan.

  • 6:55 min/mile the first 5k.
  • build down to 6:45 min/mile for the final 5k.

“Sometimes your plan is wrong. How do you deal with it?”

The start - Everyone looking at something on the ground?

The start - Most looking at something on the ground?

(Photo courtesy of Dallas Running Club.)

I positioned myself on the side of the first couple rows and once we started it was serious pace control time as many took off like a rocket. I looked at my watch frequently in the early going until I felt comfortable with the PE of my desired pace (6:55).

The out-and-back course is mostly flat with a few minor rollers within the middle. The first 5k was not feeling as easy as I was expecting it to. I was also not able to hit my desired pace without going into an PE/heart rate that wouldn’t be sustainable. So I went with that “on-the-edge” effort and tried to keep it together as best I could. I took in a little bit of water at a couple aid stations but nothing else.

Honestly, after reaching the turn-around cone, I was mentally trying to regroup as the return route would have a slight uphill grade. I wasn’t sure how far I was willing to go-after-it and another 5k felt daunting and this annoyed me a bit. This is only a 10k – toughen up!

I kept pushing on the return trip as best I could. I held a fairly consistent pace during the remaining 5k but unfortunately it was 20-30 seconds/mile slower than on the way out. Ouch! Damage control.

It is really an interesting mental conversation when you want to walk so bad. Oh, just a little one, some part of myself would say to another part. I was about to say “OK” and then some part of me would slam the door shut on this mental chatter and keep pushing. Stop thinking and run!

With 3/4 mile to go I started hearing footsteps. Damn! Typically when I am at my top cruising speed I have no other gears but this time I attempted to accelerated. I found another gear and was able to put out about 10 seconds before the blinking red light turned on saying “Danger, Danger, you are about to blow up!”.

The finish - Can you get here any sooner?

The finish - Can it get here any sooner?

I didn’t look back but heard no footsteps either. I settled back into some sort of rhythm and then with 1/2 mile to go I heard some more footsteps. I was able to accelerate for another 10 seconds but this was my last bluff. The cards were now all on the table. I am typically a surge-less animal so it was kind of fun to try, unfortunately nobody was fooled.

Two runners eventually passed me and I was unable to stick to them.

I pushed the best I could into the finish and crossed with a time of 45:26 33/371 OA, 3rd in AG. It was slower than my goal, but near the max of what my body was willing to give on the day.

Wendy had an enjoyable run and cruised in with Griffin at 34:34.

My buddy DP also had a solid 5k run.

DP - In red finishing strong!

DP - In red finishing strong during the 5k!

(Photo courtesy of Dallas Running Club.)

Complete results:

Lesson of this race: I have plenty of work ahead of me if I think I can run sub 1:30 within a couple months. The next 4 week block of training will have a tempo/threshold focus. I am looking forward to the transition from VO2max work and into more specific half marathon effort training. At the end of these four weeks, a pretty clear fitness picture will be available. The question remains – what will it look like?

Griffin fell asleep between 1-2 miles.

Griffin fell asleep between 1-2 miles.

Race Data



Thanks to all the volunteers and organizers for putting on another great event!

Be active – Feel the buzz!

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