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NormaTec MVP – Athlete Compression Recovery In The 21st Century

hockey-goalieThe quicker the recovery, the greater the potential to improve.

Assuming that the entire world doesn’t implode on itself, technology is here to stay.  This advancement has brought to athletes a recovery tool that has geek written all over it. Of course, computers used to be only for the geeky-type, now nearly everyone in the west has one.

This advanced compression gadgetry is called the NormaTec MVP. NormaTec provides the following explanation on what their device can do for athletes.

The NormaTec MVP (“Most Valuable Pump”) is an FDA-cleared, state-of-the-art Pneumatic Compression Device. Multi-segment inflatable boots (or sleeves) are placed around the legs (or arms) and rhythmically inflated and deflated to carefully prescribed pressures. Stagnant fluid in the affected limb is promptly mobilized via the patentedPeristaltic Pulse pneumatic waveform.

Unlike other simple intermittent compression strategies, the NormaTec MVP provides software-controlled, precisely calibrated dynamic pneumatic compression that mimics normal physiology to help athletes recover quickly from work-outs, injuries, and surgery.

When using the device, you have that robotic hockey goalie look. Finally, an endurance athlete won’t look so dang skinny, at least for a while!

21st Century Compression In Action And Reviews

Professional triathlete Chris McDonald provides a couple pictures of him and his wife enjoying the compression euforia on his site bigring-chris.

The Garmin-Slipstream profession cycling team had this to say after trying out their new secret (well not any longer) recovery weapon.

I was completely caught off guard by how immediate and positively our guys responded to their first treatments. Not only did they feel something was happening during the treatment, they all felt “better than average” on the days after they used the NormaTec. By the time we reached the Tour of Italy, our riders demanded the NormaTec on a daily basis, coining the device their “Space Legs” because of the moon boot look of the leg appliances.

Ultra cyclist Shaun over at A Piece Of Our Universe also provided an interesting review and a good picture of all the gear that comes with the kit.

It was interesting that I couldn’t find any information about elite/professional runners using the product. Maybe it is still a secret weapon in the sport or they don’t buy into the benefits. Not sure?

How Much Does It Cost To Look Like A Hockey Goalie?

The “Legs” version MSRP is $4850. Save up your clams for this one as the price goes along with the claims. The prices doesn’t really surprise me. For the right individual or team this will not be an issue.

For those that don’t have enough clams or the desire to hand over this much from your piggy bank, check out my low cost and free running recovery tools article for additional ways to keep you moving and improving.

What are your thoughts on this recovery gadget?

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  1. on 15 Dec 2012 at 7:53 pm Amanda Jones

    There are many less expensive alternative devices out there. Check out the RevitaPump