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Organic and Tasty Low Cost Food Bar

With the seemingly millions of food bars populating the shelves these days, it can be a challenge to filter through them.

CLIF makes a nice bar that you may not know about, the CLIF nectar.

The CLIF nectar bars are organic and contain simple real food ingredients. The products in this line have five or fewer ingredients. Kind of cool! I also think this is a nice break from all of the whey and soy protein products on the market.


How does this sound for an ingredient list (lemon, vanilla, cashew bar  – my current favorite):

  • organic dates
  • organic cashew
  • organic goji berries
  • organic lemon juice concentrate
  • organic vanilla

Simple, clean, and tasty. These bars won’t have high protein levels (4 grams for the lemon, vanilla, cashew bar) due to dates being the primary ingredient but don’t let that stop you from giving them a try. The bars are around 160 cals and a bit over $1 per. I recently found them at Whole Foods on sale 5-for-$5.

If you have tried them before, what do you think of them?

What are some of your favorite food bars?

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