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“The same rain that wears down stone, can refresh each of us.” – R. Rein

It is going to happen sometime. You are in the middle of a run and you feel a couple droplets from the sky. A couple, no bid deal. Before too long the skies open up and you are drenched.

Assuming the weather is mild and lightning isn’t flashing all around, these runs can be a bit enjoyable. Maybe it is the reenactment of puddle jumping as a child. Who didn’t love that!? It also includes a sense of adventure versus a typical run. Maybe I just need to get out more, who knows?

I remember a 5km race where the rain was coming down so hard that we were running through six to 12 inches of water in parts of the course. Crazy stuff and even a bit fun.

Still smilin!

Still smilin!

My wife was baptized this week with her first caught-running-in-the-rain experience within our neighborhood. I honestly did chuckle a little bit when the droplets started coming down in an increasing manner. How would she respond? Fully drenched, she arrived home with a smile. I smiled as well and had to take a picture due to the historic nature.

What experiences have you had running in the rain?

Have a great weekend!

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