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Kara Goucher – Top U.S. Female Runner At Boston

Unless you are really deep into U.S. running you probably don’t know Kara Goucher.

Goucher (age: 30) is the top U.S. woman at this year’s Boston marathon and in her marathon debut at the 2008 New York City marathon, she finished on the podium with 3rd place (2:25:53). Goucher competed in the 2008 Olympics in both the 10000m and 5000m. She finished 10th and 9th respectively with times of 30:55 (PB) and 15:49. That is movin!

By looking at the elite start list, she could definitely be in the mix on Monday. It would probably be a slight stretch for her to win but a high placing is definitely possible and in a race of this distance anything can happen.

Her lack of marathon experience is a wild card factor as well. With Boston being her second marathon, I am sure we haven’t seen her fastest mary yet so we really don’t know what she is capable of.

For grins, I put her Olympic 10k time into the McMillan Running Calculator and it spit out a 2:25:05 marathon estimate. Jack Daniels VDOT gives her a little bit under 2:23:00 for a marathon. Interesting from a numbers geek perspective.

In prep for this race her training mileage has been in the 105-110 mileage range according to a recent Boston Herald interview. I wonder what the typical training mileage is for 5k and 10k elite athletes? It would seem like this marathon mileage would be quite a jump up.

Here is an interesting video that follows Goucher during a training run on the Boston course. You get a little glimpse of her character and subtle competitive fire inside. There also is a bit of a surprise towards the end.

(Link to Video if you are unable to see it.)

It is so interesting to see what 7 min/mile looks like for an elite. I would guess I was seeing 10 min/mile. So relaxed and fluid.

Here is another interesting local Boston interview on Goucher and includes video interviews in the upper right corner.

She is coming to Boston to rip it!

We wish her the best on Monday. She will definitely be giving it her best for the day.

We all can’t be elite athletes but most of us can be active in some way that we enjoy.

Find it – do it – feel the buzz!

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