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DRC Best of Times Five Mile 2009 Race Report


Over the weekend, my entire family got involved in the Dallas Running Club Best of Times five mile run. The event was held down at White Rock lake under a cloudy but pleasant morning for all 267 athletes.

Big smiles pre-race.

Big smiles pre-race.

This event is one of the clubs non-traditional events because it has an age-adjusted staggered start within a 30 minute window.

What does this mean?

In short, the older you are, the sooner you start running. Your race place is based on the order you cross the finish line regardless of when you started. It is a bit of “chase the rabbit” in honor of Easter I guess.

Here is a condense but not-so-short video following Griffin and I along the five mile course. Wendy took off in a wave five minutes before we began our journey.

I attached my Flip camcorder to the jogger using a bendy little tripod thingy but unfortunately the tripod had a quick-release mount that provided a bit of Flip movement which caused a bit of video chatter. I have since glued the mount in place so the chatter should hopefully be reduced…next time. The chatter seems to be worse after upload…still trying to figure out video.

Let’s go for a run!

(Note the HQ (High Quality) button once you hit “Play”. This improves the quality a bit.)
Link to video.

This is the first time I have ever witnessed someone cutting the course. I was a bit shocked and was hoping he wasn’t part of the race. Unfortunately I was wrong.

My Garmin Forerunner 305 came along for the ride as well (didn’t use HR monitor) so you can check out the data here.

Mile four contained the largest hill and was my slowest split by six seconds. Only six seconds and pushing a jogger – I’ll take it!

My official finish time was 36:03 (for 5.12 miles). 78th OA.

Wendy crossed the finish with an age-adjusted time of 47:25. She had a good time and only walked a few times during her longest run of the year. Way to go babe!

Complete race results can be seen here.

My main goal was to have fun and run a steady effort. It can always be a bit interesting running with a jogger. I was happy to have a bit left in the tank to push a bit harder the last mile. This probably meant I actually paced OK.

Once finished, the fun continued for us with some great carbs and coffee.


Next, followed Griffin’s favorite part of the morning which included…

Fire Truck

Griffin and Fire Truck

Easter Bunny

Wendy Griffin and Bunny

and Puppies.

Griffin and Puppy

A great morning for the entire family. Not bad for a club event!

A special thanks to the club volunteers that allow it all to happen.

Be active – Feel the buzz!

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