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Tyson Foods and Public Deception


Do you prefer ethical versus unethical?

Do you prefer highly conscious versus low consciousness?

Do you prefer “clean” food versus drug filled food?

According to the article below, Tyson Foods had labeled their chicken to be “Raised Without Antibiotics” yet inject antibiotics into the chicken two to three days prior to being hatched. Since the injection occurs before the second day of life (USDA standard), they found their loop-hole. Tyson Foods has supposedly removed the label due to various pressures and has filed a lawsuit against the USDA. What a joke!

Full Article: Tyson Foods Injects Chickens with Antibiotics Before They Hatch to Claim “Raised without Antibiotics”

Did Tyson Foods provide full and truthful disclosure? What else are they hiding? I won’t even get into the treatment of these animals on the “production” farms. USDA needs to remove the loop-holes as well.

I firmly belief the food you eat impacts your athlete performance and your health / quality of life.

Better chicken choices include organic and buying from trusted local farms. Local Harvest is a nice website that can help you find local products in your area.

The greatest way to influence the direction of our country is where and on what you spend you money. Take a conscious look at where your dollars go.

Happy Training!

Update: Tyson Foods has provided a response (press release) to the article and the link is noted in the comments.

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