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On Saturday Wendy, Griffin and I headed down to White Rock Lake and the Dallas Arboretum to participate in the Tour des Fleurs 10k/20k road race. There were 1733 athletes in the 10k and 1280 athletes in the 20k. Nice numbers! This is a fund raising event for the Arboretum and they put on a great post-race party.

Wendy took on the 10k and it is the longest race she has done in about 5 years. She has been in an extended “taper” for the last couple years due to little G-man so she was a bit apprehensive but decided what-the-heck. The 10k was mostly flat with 2 hills in the last 5k. The 20k was flat the first 10k and had some neighborhood rollers in the final 10k.

Griffin and I ran the 20k using the baby jogger. Griffin enjoyed a 15k last year so we stepped it up another 5k this year. As it turned out, a bit under 5k too much.

Griffin and I Before the Start

How did the morning turn out?

Wendy really enjoyed her run as she was able to talk to a friend during the first two miles and then did her own thing the final four-ish miles. She was happy to just be able to complete the distance and not feel like poo. I was proud of her being out there and pushing her boundaries a bit. Her 10k time was 1:06:31.

Runners Moving Along the Course. We hadn’t crossed the start line yet! Took us 10 mins.

Griffin and I had an enjoyable and interesting 20k. Griffin (18 months) and I chatted (as only father and son can) during much of the run. I was alerted to many dogs, trucks, and planes. About midway through the run, Griffin alerted me that he wanted to stop (with a high pitched squeal). We pulled over and it seemed like he wanted out. Hmmm, time for the bunnies (the snack food, non-fluffy kind)! I used one of the cups from an aid station and put a few pieces of the cheddar snack inside for him to enjoy.

Overall we were moving along pretty good until about the 10 mile mark and Griffin had enough of the jogger. We pulled over and played a bit on the side of the road and then we began to walk. Griffin in one arm and pushing an empty jogger with the other. Griffin was cool with this mode of transportation and I just enjoyed the time with my son regardless of the challenge of holding 26 pounds using one arm for nearly 2.5 miles.

We finally made it to the finish line in 2:33:09. There were still nearly 100 runners that had yet to finish. We didn’t quite turn off the lights but it was close. And that’s OK.

Thanks to all the helpful and supportive volunteers that helped make this event happen!

If interested, check out the complete race results.

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