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Garmin Forerunner 305 – Setup

After completing a couple test drives with my new Garmin Forerunner 305, I wanted to customize it a bit. Instead of winging it, I actually opened up the manual and followed along. Fortunately (which is not always the case), the manual was very easy to read and implement.

This unit has so many features that it could just about complete the workout for you while you relax on the couch with the remote in hand. Note quite true, but not too far off either.

At the moment, I was only concerned with the basics. For me, that meant setting up what data was displayed in the watch windows. I was easily able to display four data fields which included pace, heart rate, distance, and overall time. There are actually 38 data fields to choose from! You can also setup additional pages where you display additional data fields, in case four was not enough.

This whole process went pretty smoothly except for the enter button not always being recognized. I would have to push the button a couple times once in a while before it would work. Maybe I wasn’t pushing the button quite right, now sure, but it didn’t stop me from doing anything.

While running with the new setup, I was pleased that the data was very easy to read while running. As an added bonus, after I had reached the configured lap distance (1 mile), an additional box popped up (along with a little chirp) stating my average pace for that lap. Now that was a surprise and pretty cool! After about 15 seconds that display window was gone.

Setting up the display as well as a few additional settings took only about 15 minutes to complete. It works, no eye-strain, no headaches. Just what I wanted from this electronic gadget.

So far, so good.

Happy Training!

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