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Actual Boston Marathon Course Video

I found this cool video that was taken while driving the entire Boston marathon route. If you are new to the course this is definitely worth checking out. It definitely provides a level of familiarity that will be nice on race day.

A commenter also included a video time reference with respect to location on the course. You can see that info below. Of course, I can’t validate it but I assume it is correct.

1:25 hopkinton
2:10 ashland
3:35 framingham
4:20 train station
5:00 natick
6:25 downtown natick
7:15 wellesley
7:30-7:40 wellesley college
8:00 halfway
9:50 newton
9:50-10:30 hill 1
10:45 firehouse
10:45-11:13 hill 2
11:40-12:05 hill 3
12:25-12:50 hill 4 (aka “heartbreak hill”)
12:50 boston college cathedral
13:10-13:40 “the haunted mile”
13:40 cleveland circle
13:45 brookline
14:45 citgo sign, 1st sighting
15:15 citgo sign, 2nd sighting
15:30 fenway park
16:00 right on hereford (against traffic)
16:20 library

Happy Training!

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