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In the early part of the training season I really want to start focusing on some solid core and strength work. Over the last few weeks I started doing my usual exercise ball, cords, and machine routine but it just wasn’t doing it for me. It was getting a bit stale.

Then I read a post over on Dirt Diva’s blog where she periodically talks about her CrossFit workout. It looked like pretty intense stuff but it also looked like a lot of fun. I decided to look a bit more into it and quickly encountered the site CrossFit. The site is pretty cool! You can subscribe to a daily WOD (Workout of the Day) and if you are unsure how to do a particular exercise, there are many videos that demonstrate the exercise along with technique tips. With exercise names like Hollow Rock, Hot Chick Muscle-up, Kettlebell swing, and Thruster, things are bound to be interesting.

I was able to convince my wife to join in on the fun-pain. She is so sweet as she has minimal desire to do anything associated with the word pain. We have modified the workout a bit if we don’t have the necessary equipment or if our fitness levels are not quite ready for the big leagues.

Below is an example of a modified/reduced workout. Timed.


We are having fun (when not sucking for air) with it and it also gets the heart rate up while providing solid strength/core work.

If you are looking for a new strength/core routine, give CrossFit a try. Post a comment and share your experiences with it.

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