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During an eight mile run over the weekend I had an additional task to complete, return the movie Nanny Diaries to Blockbuster along my route. No I didn’t pick the movie as interesting as it sounds (wife’s pick), but I was up for the early season challenge. With water bottle and DVD securely in hand, I was out the door.

courier gig

I steadily moved my way along the wavy urban sidewalks where I saw a few cars, a couple birds, one cyclist, and no runners. I owned the road, so to speak. I could see my breath as I exhaled in the crisp morning air and hear the impact of each shoe to the concrete as I moved towards my destination.

curvy sidewalk

As the miles steadily ticked away, I had reached the delivery destination at the four mile mark. As I neared the building, I quickly scanned the structure for the QUIK DROP box. I released the DVD into the designated slot and it disappeared immediately. Mission accomplished!


After re-tracing my route the final four miles, I was back home again and enjoy a nice breakfast of oatmeal with ground flax seed, frozen raspberries, dried apricots, and an egg on the side.

Enjoy whatever adventure your run may bring.

Save gas, run.

BTW, the movie was…um…well…OK. My wife thought it was cute.

Happy Training!

Feel the BuzZ!

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