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EB39: Weekend Buzz: 2015 Results – Bruises and Bandages Trail Run, Shannon Trail Series #1, The Duel Trail Run, Big Bend Trail Run, and Ouachita Switchbacks Trail Run


Welcome to the Weekend Buzz, where we showcase and provide result summaries and fun interviews for our TALON (TX, AR, LA, OK, NM) races from the past weekend.

In this episode we will be showcasing results from four Texas and one Oklahoma trail/ultra race along with some special post-race interviews with many of the race directors.

The Races

Pics of the Tribe

Bruises and Bandages (Credit: Trailhead Running)


The Duel (Credit: Sandy Fleming / Dave Diamond)



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EB36: Ask Meredith: Dialing in Your Nutrition For Longer Race Distances


Welcome to our Ask Meredith feature on the Endurance Buzz Podcast where Texas-based nutritionist and ultra athlete, Meredith Terranova shares her thoughts on questions you submit on the Ask Meredith page.

Robert submitted the following question:

“I am 59 and have fallen in love with the challenge of the trail run. I am wanting to venture into longer distances but I wonder about how to nutritionally prepare for the longer distances. Does a person’s age change the way we prepare for the longer runs?”

Enjoy as Meredith and I chat about aging and exploring longer race distances including:

  • training reminders as an aging/wiser athlete
  • basic preparation changes if coming from the road running scene
  • how to pick your fuel
  • Meredith’s Mint Clif Brick experience at Rocky 50
  • Eating frequency
  • the aid station buffet table and understanding your body
  • be not afraid!

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10 Things I Learned Running 100 Miles


There is an opportunity to learn something in everything we do. Here are a few things I learned in the 26 hours it took me to run my first 100 mile trail race at the Cajun Coyote 100 this past December in Louisiana.


1. The Moon Makes a Wonderful Companion – Twice

The Cajun Coyote trail race started on Saturday at 6:30am just as the spectacularly haunting “Full Cold Moon” (official name) was setting behind the long, skinny arms of craggy oak trees overhead. Being partial to trail running at night I was looking forward to seeing the moon again later that day. The moonlight, and my husband Leary as my pacer, would keep me company the entire following night until we were greeted by the sunrise and the finish line.


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EB32: Weekend Buzz: Results – Bandera Trail Run – Village Creek Trail Run


Welcome to the Weekend Buzz, where we showcase and provide result summaries for our TALON (TX, AR, LA, OK, NM) races from the past weekend.

What happened last weekend?

There were two trail/ultra adventures in the region, the Bandera Trail Run in Texas and the Village Creek Trail Run (FB Page) in Arkansas.

Community Pics

Bandera Trail Run (Courtesy JoAnna Brand) 



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2015 Foothills 50k FA Results: Crunchy Trails, Ghost Sightings, and Fire Pit Stories

[Enjoy the guest results article by Perky Garcia of New Mexico.]

The 4th Annual Foothills 50k FA race was held on January 1, 2015 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 42 souls headed out in the snow on New Year’s Day to greet the New Year. This year we introduced a 10k course so participants could still make it to the Egg Nog Jog at noon.

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EB30: Bandera 100k: 3 Qs Pre-Race Chat with Paul Terranova

Paul Terranova of Texas raced throughout the state and country in 2014 putting together some inspiring efforts and having a heck of a lot of fun, that included a 17:26 13th place finish at the uber-competitive Western States 100. Paul will be looking to finish his 500th Bandera kilometer this weekend, so the guy knows this course.


Enjoy our 3 Qs pre-race chat about the following goodies:

  • Hawaii memories after recently supporting his wife, Meredith, at the Ultraman World Championships
  • strongest memories from 2014 running around the country and Canada
  • favorite post-race beer of 2014
  • the one thing Paul must do to set himself up for a great day on the Bandera trails
  • proper loop one pacing at Bandera, why it’s so important

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EB28: Bandera 100k: 3 Qs Pre-Race Chat with Nicole Studer

Nicole Studer of Texas has continued to raise her bar of running excellence throughout state of Texas earning a number of wins and course records throughout 2014. While familiar with the local terrain, this will be Nicole’s first Bandera adventure.


Enjoy our 3 Qs pre-race chat about the following goodies:

  • Nicole’s recent sub-3 marathon scamper
  • thoughts on her most memorable race of 2014
  • why she shares such positive energy on the trails
  • motivation
  • tips to managing those low moments during an ultra
  • Nicole’s non-techie approach to pacing any distance from the marathon to 100 miles
  • is she hungry for a Western States 100 spot

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